Pedal off sign

where can I find the “pedal off” sign?

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You mean the normal 19c style asterisk? It’s automatic when you end a pedal line if you choose that style in Engraving Options. So what is the actual question?


Do you mean where can you find the glyph?

Bravura. Unicode U+E655.

Didn’t know that it’s automatic…

Is there an option to end by default the pedal line with a hook pointing downwards instead of upwards (as in the top left rectangle herebove)? It’s a very common style for resonance (right) pedal lines in a lot of printed piano music (at least here, in Italy). Besides: for “una corda”, the usual symbol here is 1C. and then 3C. when it ends. Is it possible to use this instead of the default symbols proposed by Dorico (which are unusual, in my experience)?

You could set a negative number here (Hook Length):


Engraving Options->Pedal Lines->Design

Excellent, very useful! Thank you very much.