pedal off timing

Look at the following snippet of score and its MIDI trace. It looks like the pedal is lifted before three notes at the end of bar 6 (G2, D5 and D#5). And the score is calling for it to be lifted after bar 6. Aren’t these events out of order?
pedal (333 KB)

I agree that on the face of it this isn’t right. I’ll need to ask András, who implemented pedal line playback, to take a look next week.

OK, Thanks.

András and I have talked about this here, and in fact Dorico is working exactly as designed: your piano piece has no explicit tempo, so it plays at q=120. The ‘Release length’ on the Pedal Lines page of Playback Options is defined as 1/2 quarter note at 120bpm, so it’s an eighth note, and therefore the pedal is released an eighth note before the end of the bar. Change it to e.g. 1/8 quarter note at 120bpm and you should find it sounds as you expect.

Thanks. Good to know.