Pedal paste broken


Since updating to 1.2.10, copy/pasting piano pedal indications is broken. When I copy a pedal and paste it, nothing happens visually. But the pedal is still somehow pasted because after the playback sends “invisible” pedal commands to the VST, which you cannot even remove since there’s nothing to select. I haven’t found a solution other than returning to a previous state of the document.

This happened to me in 2 different files, and then I tested it with a blank project, same behaviour:

  • Opened a new piano score from template.
  • Added 3 notes
  • Placed a pedal on the first
  • Copied it and tried to paste on the 3rd.

That’s really critical for me as I have a piano score due this week and having to enter everything manually is a big time loss. Any short term solution?

Related to this, I have another bug: when I import a xml file (from Sibelius in my case), at first the pedal retakes don’t work - they are there visually, but the pedal is continuously pressed. If I select the whole pedal line, cut it, and paste it again right away where it was, Dorico somehow registers the pedal retakes correctly. But, due to the previous bug, I cannot do that right now, so I cannot import any piano scores from xml unless I reenter all pedals manually for the whole piece.

Although it’s decidedly non-obvious, I think you’ll find that you can paste them if you Alt+click on or select something on the right-hand staff instead of the left-hand staff.

Indeed, selecting something on the right hand staff works, thank you for the quick workaround, while waiting for a bugfix. :slight_smile: