Pedal retake length

Hi there,

I noticed the piano pedal sometimes missed the first note of a fast arpeggio in Chopin-like accompaniments in the left hand. This led me to discover the retake length parameter, and I wonder why it’s just a set amount irrelevant of tempo? That seems like a strange decision to me.

Now I know it’s really not top priority at all, but in terms of long-term playback realism improvements to make it consistent with how a real performer would play it, it really wouldn’t be that complicated programatically to:

  • First of all, dynamically scale this with shorter note lengths (longer are not necessarily). If a note in any voice, but particularly in the bass, starts at the same time than the pedal indication/retake and is shorter than the specified pedal action in the playback options, the retake/depression length would be dynamically shortened to match this note length for this particular event, to make sure the note is not missed. You could provide a check option like “Automatically adjust depression/retake length for short notes.” if you feel this could be unwanted behaviour in some cases.

  • Eventually, dynamically scale this inverse of tempo. You could even have an option to the ratio at which this scales with tempo, it doesn’t need to be 1:1. The options panel could provide 3 options: retake length, base tempo, and tempo scaling ratio. If I set this to 1/2 quaver at 120 bpm, with 50% tempo scaling, if in my piece there was a Largo part at q=60, the pedal retake length would scale up to 3/4. That might be overkill, but I’m sure someone somewhere will be happy to have that flexibility.

I’ll make a note of this, Georges, as something for us to consider in the future.