Pedal Retake Makes Notes Like a Staccato


I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with the Pedal Retake in Dorico. I have the Pedal Line drawn in and have the Retake directly under the note. However, when my Midi piece plays back, and when it arrives at the note where the retake happens, it’s playing back short and detached like a staccato would.

If I just drawn in the Pedal Line without any Retakes that works fine. Or, if I add a new Pedal Line every two measures where the Retake would take place, that works fine.

So, I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. It’s probably something simple! :slight_smile: I’ve tried repositioning the Retake in Engrave Mode, but still no luck. I’ve been using a Midi file that I created for piano in Cubase and also using a Midi Keyboard. Granted, I have the Retake under an eighth note. So, not sure if this would have anything to do with it Midi wise or not.

I’m still learning Dorico, which I am enjoying very much! Thanks so much for the help in trying to figure this out.

Hi @Cory, moving things in Engrave mode only ever affects their graphical position, it won’t change when in time they take place - for that, you have to move in Write mode.

You could try deleting the current retake and re-inputting one exactly where you want it to take place - if there’s no note at that position, show the caret (by double-clicking the staff or pressing Shift-N and moving it if needed) and then, with the caret still active, input the retake: it gets input where the caret is.

Hi Lillie, thanks for the reply. I’ve tried numerous times of redoing the Retake of where I’m wanting it to happen and I’m still getting the notes being short.

I also went in to the grid and selected Play → Reset Playback Overrides and that did not work.

One thing I do have a question on is the Playback start offset and the Playback end offset in the Notes and Rests.

Where I have the Retakes at the eighth notes of where I’m wanting it to take place, it’s showing the Playback end offset for these notes at: -238, -240, and -134.

If I change these to 50 then I am not getting my notes to be playing back short. So, I am not sure if this is what’s causing my notes to be short with the Retake in place, and with me using Cubase and a Midi Keyboard to enter my notes in Dorico. And if this is something I’ll have to use each time when I am using these Retakes.


Could you share the project or at least a screenshot of the context? I’m not sure I completely understand where the retake is happening in relation to notes.

That’s why the notes are sounding so short: if you have a large negative end offset specified for a note, it will sound much shorter than it’s written duration. If you don’t want this offset, then remove it.