Pedal retake positioning issue

In the attached score, the grace notes in the upper staff are causing a misplacement of a pedal retake in beat 2 of the bar. The retake is placed on beat 2 but is showing between beat 1 and beat 2. If you remove the grace notes, then the retake positions itself where it is placed. It’s at the correct position even with the grace notes included in the score but the display shows it positioned in the wrong place. Playback is fine. I checked this tracing the midi output. So it’s just a display issue. Problem exists in both Galley and Page view. (307 KB)

This is the designed behaviour, such as it is. The retake is positioned before the grace notes. Dorico’s not clever enough to move the “Ped.” line further left to avoid it colliding with the retake (and nor is it likely to be in the near future) so this is one of those rare situations that requires some manual intervention in Engrave mode.

Ok, but I made the retake from a selection in the lower staff. Why would grace notes in the upper staff have any bearing on the positioning of the retake? Dorico knows to line up the two staves. Why not the retake?

Also, if I make separate pedal lines (instead of retakes) for each beat, these line up as expected (and as played back). So this is inconsistent with how retakes are positioned.

The start of the pedal line has a property that allows you to specify whether it should start before or after grace notes at that rhythmic position, but the retake doesn’t. The position of the retake takes into account the grace notes because they belong to the same instrument, even if they are on the other staff (Dorico doesn’t treat the piano as two unconnected staves, but a single unit consisting of two or more staves).

I find it confusing that the score would put the retake before the grace notes, while playback puts it after them.

I guess I’ll use separate pedal lines in cases like this.

OK, so I found the Engrave mode property. The retake does have a property to allow you to specify before or after the grace notes.

So this is a non issue.

Ah yes, so it does. I forgot to switch to Engrave mode to look!