Pedal retake without lines

I would like to create a pedal retake without a continuous pedal line. However, once I set the pedal line continuation to “none” the retake disappears. Does anyone know if these is a solution or a workaround for this?
Screenshot 2019-01-05 13.59.47.png
For example, in the above I would like to achieve this:
Ped______ ^ ______________|

I’m not sure this can be accomplished natively. I haven’t seen it before.

Why not just add the retake as a custom playing technique, and drag it where you want it to be in Engrave mode? It wouldn’t play back correctly, but it would be pretty easy to achieve visually.

Thank you – will try that.

When you set pedal line continuation to “none” it makes the line disappear, but still plays back the Pedal line and the retakes as originally input. This will enable it to playback correctly.