Pedal Shortcut

Sorry but its there really no possibility for a shortcut for “using pedal again” (pedal erneut betätigen) possible… it doesn’t seem to appear in the shortcut menu…

Thanx for an advice


Shift-P ^ Enter is what I use (assuming you’re asking for a retake). I’ve bound it to a single key on my Stream Deck and in Keyboard Maestro.

It’s a Playing Technique, so no, you can’t define a direct shortcut to it.

Thank you… Will this kind of limitation will be fixed one day?

Actually, it transpires it already has been:

Sorry - I’ve had it mapped for so long I hadn’t spotted it now exists in the key commands dialog.
(For anyone wondering what it is in English, it’s Edit > Add Retake.)

Ah ok thank you!

I was looking for “pedal” and couldn’t find it…