Pedal Sustain Yamaha P-125 is not working correctly with Cubase

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with this big problem with my Yamaha P-125
So when I connect, with a USB type B cable, my keyboard to Cubase (with USB to host driver) works fine, but when I try to record something the sustain pedal does not record, when I play I can hear the pedal but there is no automation …
I googled but found nothing.
PS: when I connect the Yamaha pedalboard, everything works fine and when I use FL studio with the normal pedal (not the pedalboard) it works too …
I tried to see if there is something on the midi filter but no …

Please: frowning: Untitled Project|video

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The pedal doesn’t record as an automation. It records as MIDI CCs. You can find it in the Key Editor (or any other MIDI editor) > Controller lane.

Btw, I can hear it has been recorded. The Playback sounds exactly the same as the recording. And also in the MIDI Part, you can see the vertical line, which represents the MIDI CC64 value 127 (the pedal was pressed).

shouldn’t the note lengthen until I stop pressing the pedal?


No, it doesn’t change the MIDI Note length. The length remains, but the sound changes. With the Strings, you get a loop, until you release the Sustain. With the Piano patch, the sound releases slowly.

If you want to, you can use the MIDI > Function > Pedals to Note Length (after you record the MIDI data). Then the MIDI Notes length really change.