"Pedal to Notelenght" doesn't work with half-sustain pedals

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use a sustain pedal with “half-sustain” (sending multiple values from 1-127 instead of just binary like some pedals do). These are very common, most modern stage pianos are shipped with pedals that have this ability as it contributes to realism in piano recording.

  2. Record something using the sustain pedal.

  3. Use “pedal to note length” in the piano-roll.

  4. Observe that nothing happens, except that Nuendo removes all the 127 values without altering the note lenghts.

Expected behaviour: Pedal to Note Lenght should work with half-sustain pedals.
Actual result: It doesn’t.

Workaround: use an input transformer to filter everything except 0 and 127.

I would say this is not an issue. Half-pedal doesn’t equal pedal. since it’s for doing something other than specifically raising the damper off the strings completely. Depending on the VSTi it controls a variety of parameters.

If someone is half-pedalling with a VST that supports it, the result of pedal-to-notelength will sound different than the original.

If someone is controlling a VSTi that doesn’t support half pedaling, turn it off on the keyboard, or if they use it sometimes and sometimes not, do what you’re doing with the Input Transformer, or after the fact, modify all the data.

The point of the pedal to length command is to simply replace pedals with sustained notes.

I see your point, but I disagree about having such a “blunt” view of the function, and also it doesn’t make sense for the point your making yourself about the command.

When sustain pedal is down – even if the value is 0><127, the intention is to sustain the note. That is how 99% (if not 100%) of all libraries and plugin not supporting half-pedaling responds: the note will be sustained. Therefore “Pedals to note length” should use that same logic.

If this is true:
“The point of the pedal to length command is to simply replace pedals with sustained notes.”
…combined with the fact that half-pedaling is not supported by the command (as it is not possible to achieve the desired function in just midi notes), then the command should respond in the same way as all plugins that doesn’t support half-pedaling, since that is what the commands intend to work on.

Anything above 0 should be interpreted as sustained.

So, I state that this is still an issue.