Peformance problems in Cubase 10 pro

Hey guys!!
Just thought i would jump on here for any info on my situation.

For the past month or so ive noticed a huge difference in my DAW as in it can take a while to open up and even longer for projects to open up.

Ive changed nothing in my settings previous to this problem.

It has got so bad i cant even up up a simple project drum vst bass vst and a guitar track without it glitching and struggling badly.

This has never happened before and started happening out of nowhere.

my PC is Intel(R) Core™ i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz 32.0 GB RAM 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Running Cubase 10 Pro.

As i stated ive never had this problem before.

Ive activated asio guard and activated multi processing on with High asio guard level and activated steinberg audio power scheme.

Sample rate running at 44100 and buffersize 512 also tried buffersize 1024 still struggling.

any help would be awesome!

Thanks guys. Im also still very much a noob so i will try me best to answer any questions.



Are you sure, there was no system update (even a hidden one, small one)?

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Hi Martin!
My PC had an update recently…do you think that could be the issue? And if so what would you recommend i should do? The thought of an update banging up my system didnt even cross my mind but it does kinda make sense.
Thanks for your response.


You could try to uninstall the update or revert the system.

You can try to reinstall Cubase (make sure you install it as administrator). You could try to update all important drivers.

Also helpful might be to go through your Windows Logs to check for any warnings or errors.

There are several logs in Windows Logs. Certain programs have application logs in there. But the most useful log is probably the Windows > system log.

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