Pencil tool barges in

Generally liking N13.

I’m getting a seemingly random issue in the project page and also in the key editor, I go to select the right hand side of a part or note to extend it, the pencil to appears instead of the double arrow, so I draw a new part/note instead of extending, as if I had the alt key down. Never happened in previous versions.
I can’t easily see what the cause is, usually I can get the extender tool if I zoom in a little.

Anyone else getting this?

Yes. Seems like a bug. I haven’t been able to figure out how to make it work. I think switching windows back and forth resolves it.

Thanks Mattias
I wonder if they messed with the size of the zone when you click at the end of the part?

I had this in N12 as well, and maybe also in N11. I don’t think this is new.

As for the actual zone I’m with some other people who think these should be larger in general. On some screen setups the areas is just too small. Unnecessarily small in my opinion.

That’s interesting, I never noticed it in 12. Oddly today it hasn’t happened at all…