Penny Lane

hi there ,thought i`d join in the Beatles vibe.

A brave attempt mate :slight_smile: like the acoustic accompaniment particularly…

Kevin :slight_smile:

Hey nice job on this tune. Particularly your guitar playing.

thanks Kevin .

Thanks ,the guitar is still a bit ropy ,im not really that used to hybrid picking (pick n fingers)but its getting better as the picking fingers get stronger.i should maybe drop the pick on this one and just use the whole hand.

I bet if you sang it in a higher key you’d be a ringer for the original singer (whose name escapes me at the moment). Question: both the guitar and vocal sound very mono, isolated… was that you intent? In other words, the overall sound isn’t cohesive – maybe pan them a bit closer together? Or put a second on the guitar. Nice playing, by the way :sunglasses:

Good playing as well on “Dear Prudence” but same mix/panning issue –

It just occurred to me that maybe you’re attempting to emulate the way the originals were mixed – everything panned either hard left or right. Personally I prefer straight mono to that method

thanks Doug the name youre looking for is Paul McCartney :laughing: .i was listening to some old leonard cohen track i suppose i was trying to emulate that ,the panning seemed guitar 10 pm voice 2am lol you know what i mean. i was trying to get that old style acoustic sound where you can almost visualize it sat there ,i didnt want it to sound like i was sat inside a sparkly acoustic with new strings etc which is a more layering thing i think .cheers Doug ,i always appreciate your comments when you pop round.

Very nice! I wish I could play the guitar like that! :slight_smile:

thank you Svenh

Great ]arrangement polgara! BTW I’m cool with a Made With Steinberg Beatles forum :slight_smile: