People cannot hear sound after file is emailed

For context, I am a student doing a music course that requires me to send Dorico files. I have tried to send the file via email, but my lecturer says that she cannot hear my submission. She can, however, hear submissions from the rest of my class. I have tried sending it to other people in my class, but they can’t hear it either. The green playback line moves when they play it.
Attached is the diagnostic file.
I hope you can help!
Dorico (2.5 MB)

Can you attach an example Dorico file that exhibits the problem?

Hi @Richard_Lanyon
It is all files- I even wrote down happy birthday quickly to see if it was just files that I had saved previously. None of them play sound after being emailed to my classmates. Attached is the problematic file and the quick happy birthday.
Happy Birthday.dorico (530.8 KB)
Harmony assessment 1 V5.dorico (640.4 KB)

I think that the problem is that you are using HALion Sonic 7, which was released earlier this year, and your classmates are still using HALion Sonic SE which was what previously shipped with Dorico. Some of the information about which plugin to load is saved inside the Dorico file itself so when your classmates open your files then Dorico will try to use HALion Sonic. Probably the simplest solution is for your classmates to reapply the “HSSE+HSO” template in the Play > Playback Template dialog when they open one of your files.

Thank you very much. I will ask them to do so and see if it works.

Hopefully, she should be able to assess your work just from the notation!


It would be nice to think that, wouldn’t it! Unfortunately, it is a ‘course requirement’, though it was never talked about in class beforehand… Oh well though! All sorted now :slight_smile:

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I have tried opening this file (Harmony assessment) several times, and each time I can’t get any sound to play, whether I try the HSO or NotePerformer playback template. Once I try to start playback, Dorico freezes and I have to Force Quit (2019 MacBook Pro).

And then, afterwards, Dorico will not reopen unless I restart my computer. Other files of mine work fine after restarting my computer - but this file once again crashes Dorico, forcing me to reboot my machine.

I’m curious, has anyone else encountered this? To me it seems like something weird is happening with this file!

This sounds like the problems with HALion 7 mentioned elsewhere. Closing Dorico project causing program shutdown improperly; audio on left only - #10 by Joerg


The file opened fine for me and initially played the Dorico beep sound. I changed the playback template to Noteperformer and then the playback was fine. I don’t have HALion 7 installed and I’m on a mac mini M2 (2023).

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