Per flow Playback settings

Assuming flows are meant for movements (as well as other things), having playback settings apply to a specific flow would be great! e.g. 1st flow appasionato, 2nd flow dolce

I don’t think we have any settings like this that are global anyway, do we? Unless you mean that you would want to change e.g. the default intensity of accents or the default duration of a staccato from flow to flow.

Changing the defaults per flow would be better than per project, but I think really you need a “playback options change” that you can put anywhere, similar to note spacing changes etc in Engrave mode.

Yes Daniel I mean the playback options (I shouldn’t have written the post last thing before going to bed) such as timing, dynamics, etc.

Although I personally prefer to edit things manually, there are many cases where the options provided there wouldn’t work or apply throughout a piece. For example a movement marked aggressive I would want accents up to 0.15 and marcato up to 0.25, during a soft passage I would want all these back down. Same can be said about timing and humanising, they are tempo related and dynamics are expression related…

Speaking of humanising, any chance we could get pitch (minor detunning) as an option? I wrote a script for Kontakt that does this beautifully and makes things sound a lot more realistic, but unfortunately not all my libraries are Kontakt.