Per window View settings/unsynchronize the View settings

Just a vote for having unsynchronized view settings (e.g. the View menu) for multiple windows. I setup different windows on different screens for various purposes - one in Galley mode for note entry I’d like to be clean - no system track, no signposts and so forth which makes it easier to concentrate on the notes, another in Page View with a more rich view so I can keep tabs on how its looking as I go along. Also when I need the system track its available on the richer Page view window.

Presently there’s both unsynchronized and synchronized settings - the bottom bar view settings are unsynchronized

while AFAIK the View menu setting are all synchronized - it’s not clear why the View menu forces customizations of all the views, seems like it would be better for that to be on a per-window basis.

I’m sure somebody will want them synchronized, so maybe a toggle in preferences or something could go along with that.

This isn’t something we’re likely to implement, I’m afraid. View options are project-wide and thus apply to every window.