Perc. Kit Grace Note Problem

I’m encountering a weird issue while trying to add grace notes to a percussion kit staff.

I’m redoing an old Sibelius score in Dorico via XML import. The whole piece is about 350 bars, single flow, imported beautifully, no issues… except for this.

One of the instruments imported as a percussion kit. In one of the bars near the end of the piece, I need two grace notes (F+C, referring as treble clef pitches for convenience) before a quarter note. This is used many times throughout the piece with no problem. In this one single bar, I cannot add these as two separate grace notes. Whenever I try to do this, it creates a dyad, which is incorrect. Chord mode is off. And even stranger, the two bars following this spot have the exact same thing, and there’s no problem.

I know MusicXML import can introduce some weirdness, so I’m hoping someone might have a solution for this. I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of, including deleting and re-engraving the passage from scratch. I’ve cut my project down to this spot and uploaded it here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Kit Grace Note Problem.dorico (518.7 KB)

Have you tried copy/pasting from the measure that works and (if necessary) repitching?

Yes — when I paste from the next bar, I will get two grace notes, one single F and one dyad C+F. When I try to delete the F in the dyad so it’s just the C, the C then moves itself into a dyad with the first F.

I split the five-line staff into single lines in Layout > Percussion,
Put both grace notes on the bottom line
Then used N to flip the second grace note to the line above
Restored the five-line staff in Layout.
Hope that’s enough to get you started.
Kit Grace Note ProblemAltered.dorico (473.4 KB)

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This works! Thank you. I tried changing the setting in Layout Options, but I didn’t think of using N to move it up to the other staff.

I am still wondering what might be causing this to happen, but your workaround keeps things moving.