Perc staff labels

Hi! How to I get my Perc1 and Perc2 staff labels correct here?

This is what I have:

This is what I want

First is gallery, second is page

Dorico 4

Ok, so how do I get this right?

If you’re hoping for Galley and Page view to both appear the same as your second image: this won’t happen.

Edit: do you have any filters in Galley?

If you want to see all staves for all percussion instruments, even if they’re empty, then you could disable instrument changes in the score. However, this applies to all instruments (so would include a flute doubling piccolo, for example).

If you don’t want instrument changes for the percussion at all (if you’re happy for them to have separate staves for each instrument, in the parts as well as the score), then perhaps give each instrument to a separate player, but keep those players in the player groups you’ve set up to benefit from showing player group labels.

No filters

I need a functional first page, that shows the instrument per player. Then I want instrument changes.

Then add a notation to each staff somewhere on the first system that will prevent instrument changes. Chord symbol regions will do this. Just be aware that this can impact multi-bar rest consolidation.

Perfect. That show group labels as well. Thanks!