Percussin kit question

I posted this one in the FB-group too but didn’t get any answers there, so I’m sorry for double posting…

When preparing orchestral percussion parts, most players I’ve talked to wants them presented on a 5-line staff. To achieve that I need to combine all unpitched percussion instruments into a kit. This works of course very good, but it also brings a few minor problems I can’t figure out how to handle.

The first question, to which I already know the answer, is: is it possible to present unpitched percussion on a 5-line staff without combining them into a kit?
if not, here are my issues:

  1. I’ve created a dedicated Master Page for the percussion parts, which is very powerful and saves me a lot of time. In the headet, top left, on first page I’m using two different tokens. The first one {@layoutname@} shows which percussion part it is, and the second {@stafflabelsfull@} lists all the instruments held by the player.

As you can see the second one lists both the kit ,percussion, and the instruments in the kit, Suspended cymbal, which makes it look a bit confusing. Here I’d like only the content of the kit to be presented, not the kit itself. (and the pitched instruments of course…)
Is this possible or are there any workarounds?

  1. When changing to an unpitched percussion instrument in the part, the instrument change label says Percussion instead of Suspended cymbal. This is of course logical and I know I can add a Legend to display the sounding instrument, but this also requires a lot of editing in a large score with lots of unpitched instruments.

  2. Another minor issue is related to the tokens, namely the token {@playerlist@}. This one lists the instruments more logical, i.e. unpitched instruments plus the kit of unpitched ones. I understand that it’b be problematic to list all instruments included in the kit here, since drum set also is a kit and would also list all drums and cymbals. Anyway, it’b be great if it in a future would be possible to list all the instruments in the kit here too, but maybe that isn’t possible…

It might be well overkill, but in your case, it is maybe best to create a Kit for every unpitched Percussion separately. I think {@stafflabels@} doesn’t include the content of the percussion kit, so just name every kit the same to the content.

Ah, thank you sooo much, this helped me a lot!
Yes, a little bit of over kill, creating separate kits for every unpitched instrument, but it saves me a lot of time anyway. Then using the token {@playernames@} when listing the instruments in the part does the trick!