Percussion Agent presets showing as license missing after update; user presets not in browser

Hi, after updating GA5 to Steinberg licensing, (5.1.11) when I load Percussion Agent presets they show as license missing unless I switch from 24 bit to 16 bit.

Also, anytime I save a user preset, it will show in the Browser under KITS and when I click to another part of the browser and come back it disappears. All of my user presets are not showing in the browser although I have many in User>Library>Audio>Presets>Steinberg Media Technologies>Groove Agent

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager and check if the libraries are up to date.
Here’s the latest versions of the “Groove Agent Common Content” libraries:

They’re working fine on Windows for me. Try resetting your MediaBay database file by following these instructions, but open the Groove Agent folder instead of Halion Sonic SE.

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Thank you so much! That solved both issues. My factory library was not current, updating fixed the license issue and resetting the GA MediaBay database did the trick, all of my presets are showing up now! :pray: