Percussion Brackets

I’m working on an orchestral score with percussion parts consisting of timpani, triangle, side drum, and bass drum. Dorico wants to bracket the triangle with the timpani. Is there a way to force the triangle to be bracketed with the side drum and bass drum, and leave the timpani by itself?

Interestingly, if I change the order of the triangle and side drum in Setup mode, so that the side drum comes first, I get the desired result. But I want the triangle to come first, not the side drum. Changing the order back to triangle first causes the triangle to be bracketed with the timpani again.

Unfortunately not at the moment: we need some additional options for how timpani should be bracketed with other percussion instruments, as there are definitely different conventions. In general adding more flexibility for bracketing and bracing is a high priority and I hope we’ll be able to make some progress in this area soon.

Thanks, Daniel! From my experience so far, I know that when you implement the bracketing and bracing options they will be intelligently and elegantly implemented. Looking forward to seeing what you and your team come up with.