Percussion Copy/Paste Bug

I ran into a strange problem when trying to copy a bar of a drum set and then paste it into multiple bars of the same drum set. See attached images. I select the first bar and copy it, and then select the next three bars via a marquee selection and paste into these three bars. Bad things happen. The only way to make this work it to paste into one bar at a time, since multiple bar copying doesn’t give the expected results.


Original file didn’t make it. Here it is:
Percussion Copy.png

For what it’s worth, I get exactly the same result! Odd…

I tried multi-paste in the drum part with some other meters, and it’s always shortening the initial bar by an eighth rest. If the initial bar ends with a note, everything’s fine. But if the bar ends with a rest, it gets shortened, no matter what. See below: it’s omitting the final sixteenth rest.

I assume the reason it’s working for a single measure is that Dorico is adding the remaining rest, albeit invisibly.

Definitely seems like a bug.

drum copy-paste.png

Yep, that’s the same conclusion that I came to, Dan. Thanks for experimenting with this.

Perhaps the team can fix this bug and also address the current inability to force duration on unpitched percussion rests in a future update. (I need to be able to change a dotted quarter rest into a quarter and eighth rest to match the pitched instruments, but at this time it’s not possible to do that.)

thanks for reporting this issue. I can reproduce it and will look at fixing this for a future update. In the meantime, you can use R to repeat the selected bar multiple times.