Percussion Engraving question

I’ve laid out a part for a single line snare drum, with a hi-hat attached.
Dorico typically renders on two separate staff lines (which I dislike – and it’s ridiculously easy to render them on one line in Finale, but oh well).

SO the thing is… there’s a Coda break, and the staff lines miraculously combined – just for the Coda. I’d like the WHOLE thing to look like this (especially if I could turn off the additional verbiage over every note beyond the first. But more importantly, the engraving should be consistently one way or the other.

Any ideas on why the change?

I keep trying to share a picture of the part, but I get “an error occurred” on every format I’ve tried to upload.

I’ve answered a very similar question on the FB group yesterday. Since 5.0.20, you can create a percussion kit, set it so that your snare and hh are on the same line (different stem directions?), then open Library menu >Instrument >Percussion kit and set the number of lines on the staff to 1. Done.
It’s explained on the first page of Version history.

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YAY! Thank you! I’d downloaded the new version but obviously haven’t read version histories.

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