Percussion Grid question and Grouping

Why does the rest in the percussion grid, not align to a “center” position? (i.e., the center of the clef)

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 6.18.29 PM.png
And the next question, is why doesn’t the timpani get bracketed when I put all of these percussion instruments in 1 group?


Timpani is pitched percussion (aside from the fact that a timpanist does not generally play any other instrument). I expect that is why Dorico is programmed (at least at this stage of the game) not to group it with other–especially unpitched–instruments.

IIRC Dorico does not, as a general practice, group pitched with unpitched percussion instruments together.


I appreciate the answer. I thought that was true about percussion not bracketed with other non-pitched percussion instruments. And that reasoning sort of makes sense, except for the fact I am over-riding it with a grouping. I thought the creating a grouping would over-ride the standard setting.

I’m guessing it does not. And seeing your answer all the way through, I am guessing the over-ride still has some limitations.


I think you need to set your brackets to “small ensemble” (under Engraving options) for the groups to take effect.

I understand we’re quite a number to wait for the optimization of brackets, braces and labellings :wink:

We do need to implement support for the specific convention of timpani being bracketed with unpitched percussion, which is common (though not universal).

The positioning of rests in percussion grids is tricky, and what Dorico does at the moment is imperfect. In the fullness of time we expect to make it possible to work with rests on percussion staves in the same way as you can on pitched staves, including specifying their staff position, but until then you’ll have to manage with the defaults that Dorico provides.

Ok, that makes sense and sounds great!

I am enjoying the workflow in Dorico immensely. I am moving faster than I ever did in any other notation program.