"percussion #" in full score, not single instruments

Hi team Dorico,

quick question:

I’m writing a contemporary score with 2 percussion players, who will be playing different instruments; some of those instruments are not yet available in Dorico’s instrument list, (for ex. Nepalese singing bowl) so, I would like to have the staves in the full score display ‘Percussion 1’ and ‘Percussion 2’, and only that.

How can I achieve this? I found how to rename a player, but in the full score I keep seeing ‘tam-tam’ or single instrument-names, instead of the player name.

I’m sure this is possible, isn’t it?
Thank you so much!

To change the label, you have to be in Setup mode, click on the arrow on the left of the player. This opens the “cards” of each instrument played by the player. Click on the chevron of the instrument (at the right side of the name), and edit name there.

Thanks, that seem to do the trick!

Would it be possible to implement a sort of generic ‘percussion’ instrument? Especially for modern scores where instrument-changes are often indicated on the staff, instead of each instrument having it’s own staff…

FWIW, the next big update to Dorico (not the next update, which will be a minor one, but the one after that) will provide us with unpitched percussion notation. I’d be curious to know a little bit more what Dorico team has in the pipelines for us :wink:

I am having the same issue right now. Do I understand correctly that I have to change the first percussion instrument in the list into “Percussion 1” (using the Edit Names option)? If so, isn’t this going to give problems in the instrument labels during switching between the instruments?

No, try combining those four percussion instruments into a kit, and then set the kit’s name to be ‘Percussion 1’.

This works great, nice to see how easy it is to make the 3 different layouts, but when using kits, I cannot get a single line as in the screenshot below. I would like to see a single line on which I change between the instruments (a la Sibelius…, I know, it’s a habbit to make things the same). Is this possible while having the staff label set to “percussion 1”?
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 18.39.05.png

If you want to see a single line and change instruments between them, then you can’t use a kit, so remove all of those instruments from the kit again. If you want to show the staff label on every system and you want it to show ‘Percussion 1’ rather than the actual name of the instrument playing at that point, then each of the four instruments will have to have its name as ‘Percussion 1’, which will make it very difficult to tell them apart. You’ll then need to manually override each of the instrument change labels at each transition point by going into Engrave mode, selecting the label, and then using the new properties for instrument change labels.

I realize now that this is what I want, the only thing I actually was trying to achieve was on the 1st system/page seeing the labels Percussion 1 and Percussion 2 to make it clear that it’s for 2 differnt players. After that, the active instrument should of course show at the start of the system.

Then it may well be best to change just the name of the instrument that will appear first. If you’re very cunning you could duplicate that instrument, so that you can have e.g. one Xylophone called ‘Percussion 1’ that is used only at the start, then another one called its default name that you use for every subsequent passage.

That sounds like a plan, thanks. And of course I had to figure out how to make the instrument changes which are absoutely easy to make in Galley view! Such a great way of doing this.

I have the same problem as Andre. I want the players to show up as Perc. 1 (name of their instrument) in the staff labels, and thus I’m going to edit all the instrument change labels to override the “Perc 1” part. However, I have a problem with an instrument which happens to be a Grid kit: it’s the congas. I need the congas to show up in two lines, but ideally the staff label should be one, named “Perc. 4 (Congas)” or “P. 4 (Cng.)” for the abbreviated version. Right now, it shows two labels, one for each instrument, and I can’t seem to make them just one.
Captura de ecrã 2019-09-22, às 14.46.44.png

Well, I came up with a solution: in the kit, rename the first conga as
Perc. 4 (Conga)"
with carriage return. Rename the second one as " " (blank space).
Then, edit the paragraph style for “Staff labels (Percussion grid)” and untick the font size option.
Then it shows as intended.
Captura de ecrã 2019-09-22, às 15.14.17.png

For a grid, you can create a group containing the two conga instruments in the Grid page of the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, and the group label will then appear instead of the individual labels for each instrument.

Brilliant! Thank you! I’m quite a newbie into percussion writing in Dorico.

I have a Cowbell in a percussion kit showed as a grid with 2 Lines: Cowbell High and Cowbell Low.
I would like to have an additional “Perc. 1” label left from the Cowbell labels and centered as shown in the attached picture.
Is it possible and if yes how?

I tried with a Group label as you suggest, but I can get either the Group label or the individual labels, but I would like both.

You cannot currently show both, I’m afraid.

@ Daniel
Thanks for your answer.
Is it something thinkable for the future?

Of course, all things are possible given sufficient time, money and willpower.