Percussion in symphonic orchestra


in symphonic scores, in some cases all percussion instruments should be shown on the first page. So this can be f.e. seven instruments, but only three players.

For example I have a player, who plays glockenspiel, gongs, cymbal and tambourine. For each movement all used instruments of the movement should be shown. Dorico labels the system as the first instrument that is played (i.E. Glockenspiel for the first flow, Gongs for the second).

To get the other instruments to show I tried to create “empty” players of these instruments, so with the option “hide empty staves” these would only show on the first page which would be exactly what I need. However, when I do this, the instruments are numbered “Tambourine 1” and “tambourine 2” and I found no way to get rid of the numbers.

So I tried to use a different percussion instrument I don’t need at all for the “empty” player and change the name to “Tambourine” but this didn’t work: as soon it gets the name “Tambourine” it is numbered again.

Any idea how to do this?


Why not just edit the staff label of the percussion player such that the full form of the name is “Glockenspiel, Gongs, Cymbals, Tambourine” with carriage returns instead of ", "? Do this in Setup mode by opening the player card and choosing Edit Name for each instrument. If each flow starts with a different instrument, you’ll need to edit the full name of each instrument that starts a flow in this way.