Percussion inputing / recording with playing techniques

As far as I can tell at the moment it’s only possible to enter “Natural” playing technique with a midi controller, and modify it with another midi key after it’s entered, which means recording percussion or transcribing it from midi is not possible.

Assuming each midi note maps to a unique combination of an instrument and a playing technique, it should be possible to capture both vectors at the same time.

have I missed something or is this indeed a current limitation?

I think you can trigger a technique before entering the note.

If you look up the Discover Dorico session (Youtube video) where John discusses VDL (Virtual Drumline), he talks about having 2 MIDI keyboards setup, for the very purpose of entering techniques with one keyboard and entering the note with the other. I glossed over that part, as I didn’t have 2 keyboards setup. But now that my setup is moving closer to being complete, I will rewatch and learn what he is talking about.


Jernej, no, I don’t believe you’re correct. You can use ‘Use percussion map’ option on the Note Input and Editing page of Preferences to tell Dorico that you intend to input percussion using the pitches in the percussion map, instead of by staff position.

Right, but it only uses the note head playing techniques, it does not apply toolbox playing techniques, even though they are defined in the map. I believe it would not be hard to add that, e.g.

let pt = map[midi_note]
if exists getNoteheadPt(instrument,pt) …
else if exist playingTechnique(instrumentFamily,pt) … #currently not implemented