Percussion Instrument and Staff Labels

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a piece with several percussion players, each holding a number of instruments. Some instruments may occur several times (e.g. Players 1 and 4 might both play Hi-Hats, Players 3 and 4 might both have a bass drum and so on.)

I added a Kit to each player, to which I can add instruments as I need them.
Dorico automatically numbers the instruments, however, so that the Kit of Player 1 doesn’t just contain a “Hi-Hat” but “Hi-Hat 1”, while Player 4 has “Hi-Hat 2”.
I find this rather confusing and I’d like to switch off automatic numbering.
Unfortunately, I can not figure out how, as the Instruments will need to share the same names.
Is there a switch somewhere that I overlooked?

Also, I will need the Staff labels to show Percussion 1, Percussion 2 etc instead of the instruments they are holding.
In an ideal world, the lines (grid) of the kit would only be shown on a need-be-basis and the instruments could then be specified directly above the lines they belong to.
Is this possible?

Thank you


Daniel mentioned recently that this will be possible in the next version…

There are several threads on this subject where you can find suggested workarounds too…

For getting around the instrument numbering, put each percussion player in their own group.