Percussion instrument change


I am writing an orchestral piece, changing from Tub. Bells to Bass Drum. However, I would like for the Tub. Bell to ring for another bar which means that the player cannot yet leave the instrument. Therefore, I would like to postpone the “to Bass Drum” change for another bar. How can this be achieved? An unpleasant workaround would be to literally extend the T-Bell’s note value for another 4 beats, however, this would break with conventions and may confuse more than it would clarify things.


I can buy you an empty measure before the switch but cannot seem to place a measure rest where folks would expect it. Perhaps one of our forum gurus will have a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

A chord symbol region prevents instrument changes, so as long as there are no chord symbols in that bar (which would then appear) or the player is set not to show chord symbols, that could be a way to manage the instrument change position. It will however split multi-bar rests too, of course.

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An impressive, if exotic, work-around! :tada: