Percussion instruments disappear in ongoing score (using XML imports)

Dear Team, dear fellow Doricians,

I am stumbling upon a problem that I find somewhat frustrating. I think I know Dorico quite well, so I can understand what action will cause which consequence. But here, I might have a problem that is still to be solved. I have different XML files of an opera that I import into one Dorico file, using the Merge instruments option, and for instance, in the first number, there were four percussion instruments, so I created a kit with those instruments and everything was ok. But when I needed those percussion instruments for the next flows, they are not available. The player (Percussion) is ticked, but the staves are nowhere to be found. I have tried changing the appearance of the percussion (lines instead of staff) to no avail, the only solution I found is to create new players with the percussion instruments and assign them to the new flows…
I guess that I would not have had the problem using the other option, “create new players”. Is there a way to clean up my file ? I’m wondering whether it’s getting corrupted with those things. Because, even if I cannot see the triangle in the last flow I’m working on, I can hear it !
@ Daniel, I can send you the file if you need.

Yes, I’m familiar with this problem. The problem is that Dorico doesn’t create voices for instruments that are held by players but have no music in the incoming MusicXML file. We have (we think) fixed this problem in our development builds, but there’s no good workaround for now. I think creating a duplicate player with the appropriate instruments and then copying the music from the old to the new is probably your best bet at the moment.

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