Percussion instruments in different players each flow

Hi all,

I’m using the “every-flow-equals-a-new-song” for an event I’m arranging and I’ve just realised I need to take some percussion into account.

I have percussion instruments eg Sus Cym that I don’t wan’t played by Player 1 in every flow. Obviously, I can’t move the Sus Cym between players or it will move it in every flow. I feel like my best bet is to create an extra Sus Cym in each player who needs one.

So, the issue is that I need to rename the Sus Cym somehow so that it doesn’t show as “Sus Cym 2” etc.

If I’ve ever needed to do this with a non-percussion instrument eg Trumpet, so that I don’t have Tpt 1 and Tpt 2 but rather Tpt and Tpt (don’t ask why), I’ve just put a space at the beginning of the second Tpt and problem solved. However, with percussion, there are going to be times when there will be a boxed Instrument Change Label and it will show the spaces that I add (sometimes 3-4 spaces if there’s a Sus Cym in four players).

Can anyone suggest a way around this short of making each flow a separate project, or, adding a non-use Cym and renaming it?

If possible, put your percussion players into separate player groups. Players inside groups are numbered independently from each other. You will also want to disable the display of player group labels, using the option right at the top of the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.