Percussion issue with Lyric tool (Stickings)

I am working on a Drumline piece in Dorico 5.1.

I started to input some lyrics (stickings), and the stickings seem to be shoved into the staff. This seems to be a new behavior in 5.1. I have the settings set as I always have.

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 15.29.53

Thought I would bring this to light.


Yes, this is a known issue that has come up on a post recently.

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Thanks I did not see this posted anywhere.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this regression. Please see this thread:

Thank you @dspreadbury and @dan_kreider. After Dan mentioned this was already reported, I began searching using any combination of words I could think.

I appreciate the effort to make Dorico perfect!