Percussion Issues in Dorico

I’m having a few percussion issues in this recently imported musicxml score. The Tubular Bells are sounding an octave above what’s written and the Suspended Cymbal doesn’t sound like a Suspended Cymbal so any specifics to how Sus. Cyms. work in Dorico?

I Have a Dream.dorico (1.4 MB)

Is this a musicxml issue or a percussion issue?

Upon opening your file I wasn’t sure what you had customized with your playback assignments, so I started by reloading the HSSE (SE) playback template. Your tubular bells are mostly written too low and off the instrument so I’m not sure exactly sure what you want them to sound like. Transposing everything up an octave might take those Gs off the upper end, depending if your tubular bells are C-F (most) or C-G (some). If you wrote them too low because you didn’t like the playback octave, you can go into Halion and adjust the octave as below.


I would recommend checking with the player who will be performing this as to what pitches are possible on their instrument. Certainly the majority of your Tubular Bells 1 part seems to be not playable as currently written.

Okay, thanks, I wrote it down an octave so I could hear it. Anything on Suspended Cymbal?

Are you just using the default Halion sounds? Or do you have other libraries available? A very large percentage of Dorico users end up buying NotePerformer, as it works seamlessly with Dorico without much effort, is fairly inexpensive, and provides for much better playback. If you aren’t happy with the Halion cymbal sounds, you might want to try the demo of NotePerformer and see if you like it better. (Obviously there are many much more expensive VST libraries to explore too.)

I have been looking into NotePerformer but I’m also looking at Iconica down the line.

How can I access the Halion mixer?

Click the Edit Instrument button.