Percussion Kit instrument group legends

I’m using the 5-line staff presentation for a percussion kit and I am using Dorico’s percussion legends to label them throughout the score. However, I was wondering whether it was possible to get the legends to say something like “2 Tom-toms” as opposed to “High Tom-tom/Low Tom-Tom” when both toms are used in a single passage. I see that in grid presentation mode for a kit you can specify groups and group names within the kit, so I can create groups like “2 Tom-toms”. However, this name doesn’t show up when I use the legend feature for the 5-line presentation mode, which is the format I want to use.

I suppose I could rename both the high and low tomtom instruments individually to “2 Tom-toms” so that the legend would display that but then it won’t make sense if there’s a long passage that uses only one of the toms and it is labeled as “2 Tom-toms”- there I would want to show a legend of the individual name (e.g. “Low Tom-tom”). Is there any way to accomplish this?


Unfortunately not at the moment. You’re probably better off simply using a Shift+X text item for the cases that you cannot accommodate using the automatic feature.