Percussion kit not mapping correctly?

I have a Battery instrument and I’m trying to trigger two different Maraca sounds. I’m new to percussion kits and so I can’t see what I’m doing wrong. The high maraca (F3) is working correctly, but the Low Maraca is not making any sound or triggering anything. Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong from these screenshots?

Are you sure Maraca 2 should be on a different MIDI channel? Usually these percussion sets put unpitched sounds on different MIDI notes of the same MIDI channel.

The best I can tell, that “Maraca 1” on the Endpoint Setup is just a redundant thing that I put in that isn’t actually assigned to anything (and I don’t see a way to delete it). I think that everything is going to the “Maracas” instrument.

OK, so I have deleted the percussion maps and I’m still getting the same single maraca working and the other one not, so clearly I’m doing something completely wrong. It’s so frustrating how difficult this always is with assigning correct MIDI playback for percussion. It’s trivial in Cubase and so dang convoluted in Dorico.

I presume that in your first screen shot you filled out the bottom panel correctly where it says: Edit Drum Kit Note, and that you selected the instruments again in the instrument panel.
If you did this correctly I think you might try this: unpack you percussion instrument in SetUp Mode, in other words remove instruments from the kit, then go to PLAY mode and you should have two Maraca instruments…go to the routing tab next to the VST tab…is the second Maraca routed correctly? Once you have them both routed to your vst you can recombine them into a kit, but in so doing, you might have to redo your grid layout.

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Thank you! Your tips worked. I sat down to really try and figure out what was going on, and yes there seemed to be an issue with the kit being combined it didn’t link to both sounds. I still don’t know if that’s user error or a bug, but when I broke apart the kit and assigned each part individually and then recombined the kit works. Thanks!