Percussion kit, rests appearing that shouldn't


I have a percussion kit consisting of castanets and triangle. The last 3 measures of the piece are the only time the 2 instruments play simultaneously.

For a series of stem directions issues, both instruments are in the percussion kit under down-stem voice 1.

In these last 3 measures I am trying to split the 2 voices apart, with appropriate rests.

I select ALL of the triangle notes in the last 3 measures, right click > percussion > change voice > up-stem voice 1

I get the result with an extra rest added into the second bar:
Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 1.28.50 PM.png
Any suggestions?


What does it look like if you turn on voice colors?

Here is the screen shot… I have been playing around with it, and I am thinking this is a bug related to the tuplet in the castanet part.
Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 1.44.05 PM.png
I either get an extra rest, or now I get a ‘half note’ followed by the rest.


And now, since I erased some notes, and tried to re-input them in a different order thinking that might solve the issue, I always get the ‘half note’ followed by the quarter rest.


I can get back to the quarter note with the extra rest, by going to “single line” instruments in the layout options, put in the quarter notes. Go back to 5 line staff, move note on beat 3 to up-stem voice 1.


Obviously the fact that you cannot currently edit rests in percussion kits is a big limitation, and one which we intend to remove in future. For now you might find that using one of the “extra” voices, which are not padded with rests for the remainder of the bar, is the way to go.

Ok,I will do that for now.