Percussion kit rests question

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have this:

But with rests changed—all rests in the snare drum line hidden and measure rests replaced by rests with the value of the time signature, not whole rests.
I cannot seem to make explicit rests in a percussion kit 5-line staff or grid…

I believe the answer is no.

The team is very much aware of this. But there is a limiting factor when it comes to rest manipulation (hiding, changing) when it comes to percussion kits.


Thanks, Robby. I’ll look for a workaround…

You could fudge it with a custom notehead set that uses rest glyphs, then suppress playback and remove stems for what will actually be notes, but it’s a bit laborious in the first instance (less so once you’ve set up such a custom notehead set and saved as default for future use).

Thank you, Leo, that sounds reasonable, I’ll give it a try!

A compromise, though I do prefer the rawer look of the opposing stems from the first post:

One player? If so, I think shared stems are OK and might be preferred. I’d be concerned about not breaking those long beamed groups into smaller units, for ease of counting.

One player, yes. I don’t want to break the beams, because it’s important not to have accents inside a measure, which I fear may be inferred from beam groups.

Further discoveries: By separating the instruments and having different kit presentation styles, and by tweaking vertical positions of staves (-0.97mm) I’ve come very close to what I want
The only thing not quite right is the systemic barline at left. I don’t know how to lose that.

What I also found out is that the grid-style kit presentation has different restrictions on beam groups—does anyone know why?

Grids are very similar in the way they are handled to the five-line staff presentation, i.e. the whole complex is internally a single staff with a single set of voices.

Thanks, Daniel, that makes sense to me.