Percussion Kit Routing

In Dorico 4.0, in Play mode I could see a separate line for each instrument in a percussion kit. It was cumbersome to wade through, but when I needed to set the routing for each instrument in the kit, it was nice and easy. Now in Dorico 4.3, the instruments within the kit have disappeared from Play mode. How do I route the sounds for these instruments?

Welcome to the forum, Bradley. For the time being, this is not possible, due to the changes made when we introduced the percussion editor in Dorico 4.2. We know this is inconvenient, and it is definitely something we will address in the next version of the software. Iā€™m sorry for the hassles created in the meantime.

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Is there a way to install an old version of Dorico so I can fix this issue?

Yes, you can find older versions of Dorico 4 on this page:

I would recommend keeping the current version installed alongside the older version. Dorico 4.3.20 has many, many fixes and improvements over and above older Dorico 4.x releases.