Percussion Kit Setup Technique Questions

Here is the issue I have… I am using the VDL drum set patch, and am trying to create the drum map to go with it.

2 issues:

1.) I created this once before… some how my ride cymbal no longer showed an instrument in the percussion mapping, and there was no way to edit this. This caused a few issues I believe. I can attach the map if necessary.

I realized in redoing the entire mapping, the reason was that the “Ride Cymbal” instrument no longer exists. It appears there is now “Ride Cymbal (low)” and 'Ride Cymbal (high)". This is ok, but as Dorico matures, I feel more instruments will be added. If this is the case, either the mapping needs to allow the user to make the change, or the original instrument should not be removed from the instrument list.

The positive side of this, is that I redid the mapping with more explicit techniques, so there should be ZERO confusion for the techniques involved.

2.) Here is where I am getting into a pickle, and cannot seem to make this work.

In the mapping there is a Right Hand (RH) and Left Hand (LH) for almost every sound. When it comes to the snare drum, there is snare drum RH and LH, as well as snare drum rim RH and LH. In the percussion kit setup, I select snare drum, select the “Edit Percussion Playing Techniques”, well enough I can add RH and LH techniques to the normal note heads. But I cannot seem to add Rim + RH, or Rim + LH, from the dialogue box. How can I add multiple techniques (rim + rh/lh)?


You can’t assign combinations of playing techniques for a specific notehead in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog. I suggest you create dedicated “Rim (RH)” and “Rim (LH)” techniques in Play > Playback Techniques and map those.

Ahhh… I see. Ok, I will look into that.