Percussion Kit tie across barline makes note disappear?

When I’m tying this cymbal note across the barline (first bar is a 2 beat pickup):


It disappears:


I suspect this is because I’ve forced all notes to the same voice. If I change the kick to a fresh up stem voice I get this:


But I want the stems to connect, so what do I need to do here?

(I’m on 3.5, so if the solution is to upgrade to 4 then fine, I was looking for an excuse anyway)

How are you forcing the voices? Using the option on the Percussion page of Notation Options to set all notes in the drum set into the same voice? Or by forcing the voices of individual notes using the Edit > Percussion menu items?

I was using the latter, but I tested the former in a fresh project and get the same behaviour. Switching between upstem or downstem voice on the kick gives this result (from either method):

Recording 2022-01-16 at 10.44.22

Sorry, I’m not clear what is disappearing in the new little animation you’ve posted. You’re extending an up-stem note into the second voice, and the existing note in a different voice gets its stem flipped downwards, because of the presence of an opposing voice. That’s the expected behaviour and something different than your original report, I think?

Sorry my animation wasn’t very clear - the cymbal note is 3 beats long before and after I change the kick drum to the stem up voice, but it disappears when the kick is switched to the stem up voice. I’ll try a hopefully more useful one:

Recording 2022-01-16 at 15.39.56

I would suggest you keep the Kick in the same (down-stem?) voice, flip the stem, and lengthen it to intersect with the Cymbal. You should be able to copy and paste this to other locations if necessary.

Thanks Derrek, that’s a good interim solution but it would be useful to find out why this happens & a remedy that doesn’t involve Engrave hacks

You need to change notation options.


Ah after a bit more playing around I’ve realised it’s nothing to do with the barline, this happens with any percussion note that gets tied to a following note

I think it’s something to do with rhythm truncation (as I’m writing I see Jesper has spotted this too!).

So if I want to do something like this (which I’ve seen in a lot of charts):

but using just one stem direction for everything I can’t actually do that without switching off the rhythm truncation. I tried Derrek’s suggestion and it gave me this:

If I switch off truncation on the score on which I’m currently working it creates an absolute disaster…but if I’d kept this in mind from the start then I guess this would have been the solution?!

Anyway it just feels a little counter intuitive for notes to disappear (even if they’re just following the truncation rules) in a scenario like this. For short percussion notes then yes their duration technically doesn’t matter (well it might actually for a percussionist but I won’t bore you with the reasons why) but with a cymbal note, for example, then seeing the full note duration does sometimes matter.