Percussion kit

I have Crash cymbal, snare and bass drum on a five line staff. I am not expert in percussion notation but this seems normal.

But can figure out how to control the three parts independently. At the moment, there’s no way to (for example) have a crash cymbal for a whole note, a snare on four quarter notes, and bass drum on two half notes. I tried “different voices” but to no avail. Of course I can separate the three instruments but I just thought I’d check here first

typo: I CAN’T figure out how to control the three parts independently

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Your kit is obviously not on a 5-line-staff, it’s a grid. You control the appearance of a kit through Layout options >Players > Percussions.
There also are Notation options specific for Percussion, which allow for less voices/less rests, etc. But this might not be what you are looking for. Have you explored those Layout and Notation options?

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To combine a whole note in the cymbal with shorter notes in other parts, you need to edit your Percussion Kit to have the stem direction for the cymbals independent of those for the other (drum) instruments.

thanks Derek that fixed it, although I have a feeling I need to explore the Notation options Marc mentions also