'Percussion' label in conductor's score

Hi. Is there a way, please, to display a ‘Percussion’ label above a percussion kit on the conductor’s score? (I tried to upload a screenshot but it wouldn’t work). I’m trying to get something like this (but without the lead-in underscores):
_____Mark Tree ------
_____Triangle ------
_____Shaker ------

Do you mean something like this?
You need to have the Percussion instruments as a kit and show them in 5-line representation. The latter you can set in Layout-Options. Then a percussion legend should work for the chosen layout.

P.S. I changed the paragraph style of Percussion Legends to have a border in this example, this can be done in Library > Paragraph Styles

You can obviously also move it in Engrave Mode, if you want.

Thank you @klafkid . Yes, similar to your second image above, but with the instrument names next to the line on the staff they relate to. I have that with the ‘Grid’ option on the kit, but I’d like to be able to have the word ‘Percussion’ showing above the grid instrument names on the conductor’s score. Is that possible, do you know? Thank you.

There I would do the opposite of the last example: staff text for “Percussion” and drag it into place. Easy to do. And you can hide that text in the percussion part layout.

I think the best ist to put them into a group and use group labels, which will be vertically next to the instruments

But you would have to do it on every system on every page, if I understand OP correctly?

Thank you both @dan_kreider and @klafkid for your suggestions, which are both great solutions. From what you’re both saying, it looks like there isn’t currently a way of setting-up a kit so that it automatically shows the ‘Percussion’ legend placed above the instrument labels on the score, then? For this project, the score is only 5 pages, and the Percussion legend needs to be horizontal in this case, so I’ll use the system text solution @dan_kreider, thank you . But I really like the ‘group’ solution thank you @klafkid as a way of automatically labelling across the score. I’ve never used grouping before (I’m still a Dorico novice!). Can the group legend only be displayed vertically?
In any case, thank you both so much for your help - much appreciated.

For now I think yes, but it would be nice to have more options.