Percussion Labelling in Score

Hey y’all,

Doing an engraving project and need help. I need to split the percussion parts between 1, 2, 3, and 5 line staves. But, I need the player name to be listed as “Percussion 1” instead of showing the different lines. What do I do for this?

Also, if I want to switch the lines being shown at any time on the score, how do I do this? I know in galley view it will update the score to the new staff type when you write, but what if I want the 5 lines to start a bar earlier?


There is an option to assign Player names to individual staves instead of the instrument names.

If you want to influence where the transition from the 1-line instrument to the 5-line kit happens, you can use a chord symbol region to force that staff to appear in that bar.