Percussion layout in scores

I’ve asked this question on the fb page but haven’t got an answer. I think perhaps I’ve found a topic asking about a similar thing but I post this here just to be sure. Is it is not possible to have the percussion instruments that are allocated to a player bracketed together and labeled by the player name/number? (I’m not talking about kits here because each player has a mix of pitched and unpitched instruments). For clarification see the attached picture (from Gould’s Behind Bars).

Yes, it’s possible in general. For the marimba, for example, you would edit the instrument name in the Edit Instrument Names dialog to say 1 (or whatever). For the maraca, you could either change the name of the maracas percussion kit to 3 in the same way, or you could go to the Grid page of the Edit Percussion Kit dialog and create a group label for the two instruments in the grid, and set that the 3.

The trickier one is player 2, since to produce that notation you would need to use a grid with a big separation between the first line and the subsequent five lines; you can’t cross notes between different kits, so that would have to be shown as a single grid, and there would be some compromise there because you won’t easily be able to show a bar rest on the single line.