Percussion Layout with only a few instruments of the set

I have a full Drumset part and I would like to create two seperate layouts from the same music, e.g. Percussion 1: Ride Cymbal and Snare Drum only and Percussion 2: Bass Drum and maybe another Cymbal or Hi-Hat - both usually on a 5 line stave. This is often needed in music for Wind Bands where you might have a drummer playing on a set or alternatively two percussion players playing only one or two instruments. Any ideas how to do this without copying a player and the corresponding music?

In the Clef- and Transposition Overrides dialog you can change clef and transposition for each individual instrument in the percussion set. It would be nice if you could hide the unused instruments there.

Hi Heinz, There are a lot of ways to do this. I understand that you start with one percussion 5 line staff with all instruments and all notes already entered.

I would remove the instruments you want in Percussion 2 from the drum kit in the set up menu for the Percussion 1 player. So the player would then show the drum kit with the remaining instruments and the instruments you removed below.

Next create an empty Percussion 2 kit and then load/move the instruments you removed from your first kit into the Percussion 2 kit.