Percussion legend does not copy from score to parts

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed that when I insert a percussion legend for all sounding instruments into a full score, it does not transfer to the parts. Is this the intended behavior? It would be great if if did transfer, because it provides an expedient way to give players a reminder of note location on a five line percussion staff.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi jbegin.
Have you tried to propagate properties? Not sure about that, but it would be my first step when I want things on Full score to be also on the parts…

Because the way that percussion instruments can be presented can vary by layout, we decided that percussion legends should also be layout-specific, so you will need to create them in both the part and the score if you want them to appear in both places.

Nice to know that, Daniel. Thanks !

Just FYI, the percussion legends do respond to the Select More command, so they can be copied and pasted.

Maybe I’m the only one, but its frustrating that percussion legends only work on 5-line staffs. It’s nice in band parts when an instrument hasn’t played in 80 measures to remind the player what instrument is playing, even if it is on the designated staff…this is especially true with writing for beginner and intermediate high school bands.

Thanks for the feedback, thicks. We’ll certainly think about this for the future.