Percussion legend/instructions - don't want it to appear in full score

I’m notating a conga part for an orchestral piece. Didn’t find any consistent styles of notating that, so I decided to create my own custom noteheads. Ideally, I’d like to have a diagram at the top of the conga player’s part, explaining what the noteheads mean. Fortunately, I have only three techniques: 1) heel 2) slap mute and 3) open (on the second conga drum). Oh, and a roll.

Is it possible to have an explanation (at the top of the page) in the player’s part before the notation actually begins? As it is, I put in sort of a legend in the player’s part (see screen shot below), but the problem is that it shows up in the full score as well.

Any help appreciated. And if you have any comments about the part aside from this issue, that’s welcome as well. This is my first time notating conga. Thanks.

Can you just hide the text in the score via changing the local properties?

If not, you could insert the text using a text frame in Engrave mode.

Yes, it’s no problem to hide the text (and I can even hide the notes, though they seem to be hidden then in the instrumental part.). I think I will try the text frame. Thanks for the tip.