Percussion Legend token?

I thought I read on the forums, that now I cannot seem to find, that one was able to create a list of percussion instruments that a player “held” using a token.

Is this correct? Or did I dream this up? Or am I confusing numerous posts into one desire that does not exist?


Although this has been mentioned as a request, I do not think this is possible yet via a token.

No, this is not possible, both because you can’t add tokens in text that is attached to a particular staff (and this is not likely ever to be the case), and because there’s no support for specifying which player you’re talking about in the same way you can with flows, e.g. there’s no {@player1Instruments@} or whatever analogous to {@flow1title@}.

Thanks Daniel,

I was afraid that either I dreamed it, or got confuse between multiple threads I have read.

I was looking to add the instruments “held” by the player under the Percussion 1 name on the part layout. I believe it was mentioned that in the fullness of time, when the team has a chance to address staff labels again, that something like this would be possible. And if that is not the case, I’d like to make a request for it.


Maybe you were thinking grid presentation, where the individual instruments are listed at the beginning of the score?

I believe you can (without the use of tokens) by simply right-clicking on the first note (in Write Mode) and select Percussion/Legend for All Instruments, then in Engrave Mode, drag the legend under Percussion 1 label. This can be done for Full Score or Parts Layouts, as shown in the attachments.
Full Score Layout.png

MusicMaven!!! Brilliant suggestion! I’ll give that a try!


I can’t get this to work, the only thing I see the Signpost. How do I see the percussionist’s instruments?

The legend only appears when you use the five-line staff percussion presentation type: in the other presentation types you can use regular staff labels to unambiguously label every instrument in the margin.

Ah, Ok. Thanks, Daniel.