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I want to add a percussion legend for the bass drum, while the snare is still sounding from the bar before (tied note). When I select the bass drum and add percussion legend to sounding instrument I get the Snare legend and bass drum, but obviously I just want the bass (see attachment).

In this piece, I also want an accent on the first note of the tied note and one on the last noten, but this is not possible? I looked into other posts but found no solution for this.

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Dear Geert,
Tied notes in Dorico ARE a single musical object, one note that has to be notated with a tie because of metric boundaries. I do not think you can have Dorico write multiple accents on the same note by itself, so you have different options here :
• use the playing technique editor to create accents as a playing technique. It won’t play (at least not without creating some expression map, for which I cannot help you, since I’ve never needed those yet) but you’ll have full freedom about those signs.
• use slurs instead of ties, and tweak them so that they look like ties (if you need).

I realize now that this will probably apply to unpitched percussion instruments. Although these are “a different beast” from the rest of the program, I think my advice stands. There has been a lot of requests about ties and percussions altogether (especially when dealing with tremoli, which by the way has been taken care of in the properties panel).

Hope this helps !

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Looking for a solution I found this old thread.

Marc replied to the accent-part of Geert’s question.
But did anyone found an answer about the legend-part?
So in his example: how to hide the word ‘Snare drum’ above ‘Bass drum’.

Why not just use SHIFT+X text to label the Bs. Dr>?

That indeed is the simplest workaround if there is no official solution yet.

Perhaps that is the official solution for such a simple situation.