Percussion legends for non-kit instruments?

Hi everyone!

With the astonishing update we finally got the possibility, to show the player name as staff labeling instead of the instrument itself. I now use this for my percussion players. However, by locking the staff label, the conductor has no possibility to identify the playing instrument other than searching for the last instrument change.
You could add a text manually here and there, but that’s not exactly advanced. :slight_smile:
The percussion legend would be a nice and easy way, but it is limited to kits. Is there another way to easily do this? Or did I again not understand, how the Dorico team intends us to use percussion labeling?

Thank you und best regards!


I agree with the issue you are having. The Percussion Legend feature only affects non-pitched instruments.

I think this would be a great feature for every instrument. If you have a player holding Flute and Piccolo, it would be nice to add in the score what instrument is playing, similar to the percussion legend feature.



I agree. It’s especially true in opera vocal scores, where soloist are often “condensed” on one staff, when their lines do not overlap. The character name is then written at each new entrance. Such a tool could be used (right now, I use staff text on a special “condensing staff player”).


+1 :slight_smile: